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Algeria - In Amenas 2012 - Gas Turbine TG7 7MW

Algeria - In Amenas 2012 - Gas Turbine TG7 7MW ( ...)

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Energy producition: Gas Turbine

Followed all commissioning and all performance tests

This turbine work in isolated area and have only one connection with the electrical power network.

This situation make more complex the configuration because:

1 - The turbine must start with the energy of the line, but also with an emergency power generator
2 - The turbine must work synchronized on line with the network, but also in isolated configuration
3 - After that the turbine is started we switch off the emergency generator, so we need change the power supply connections without stop the turbine.
4 - It is necessary switch from isolated modality and networked modality without stop the turbine
5 - The turbine must give power at one pump of 1.2 MW. When this pump start the request of power change very quickly.

The client have confirmed all this performances signing 67 performances tests.


•    Allen-Bradley Rockwell Automation

•    ATEX certification for explosive atmosphere (Wikipedia)

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