Biogas: 400 Hectares (988 ac) produce 1MW

Biogas: 400 Hectares (988 ac) produce 1MW ( ...)

Biogas: renewable green electric energy production

Biogas is a renewable green energy produced with breakdown of organic matter, such as agricultural waste, municipal waste, plant material, etc.
Biogas can be produced which digest material inside a closed system, or fermentation of biodegradable materials.

The renewable biogas can be used directly or for production of electric green energy.

Control software for production of electric energy with a green renewable matter

Biogas is produced with fermentation, that is a thermal biologic process. For maximize the production of biogas renewable green energy it is necessary a precise and continuous control of all chemical and thermal parameters.

The biogas production plant of renewable green energy can stay also many hours without any supervisor.
The Auco Solutions biogas software, control the biological process to produce biogas from vegetable products.

Biogas plant energy production alarms are communicated automatically with automatic phone calls at a list of supervisors.

The Auco Solutions developers can assist completely the local supervisor of renewable biogas energy plant using remote connections.

In Italy exist more of 200 biogas plants using renewable green organic matter.
Most of this biogas plant are used for production of electric green energy.

Biogas plant: Continuously production 1MW

Biogas plant: Continuously production 1MW.


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Movicon Progea: HMI software

System Custom AuCo Solutions


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