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ENEL DAM Monitoring (Riolunato - Italy)

ENEL DAM Monitoring (Riolunato - Italy) ( ...)

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Dams Monitoring: automation software for green energy and safety

The safety in green energy production is very important.

A dam looks like something of static, but the land around and under the dam can have some small movement and affect the stability and the safety of the site.

The dam monitoring system of Enel green power in Riolunato Dam, controls all important parameters of the dam, for check the green energy production and for protect safety of people.

Optical and physical alignment systems are installed for monitoring any movement of the land under and around the dam.

The Auco Solutions industrial automation software for dams, checks and monitoring the level of the water, because this creates different pressures on the dam also in relation at temperature of the water and the temperature of the air.

All these parameters are controlled and compared with the deformation and stress applied on the structure of the dam, measured with extensimeter, pendulum, reverse pendulum, piezometer, etc.

Structured alarms and safety strategy in industrial automation software for dams and green energy production

The quantity of green energy produced is secondary in relation at the safety.

In some situation it is necessary lost energy power and reduce the lake level to reduce the safety risk for population.

Any movement of the land is very slow and can be properly monitored only with a industrial automation software solution for dam's monitoring.

It is very important check and monitoring continuously this small movements, because with this information we can understand and calculate the level of the safety risk, activating the right alarms very much time before a crash of the dam.

The dam monitoring system continuously store and analyze all the dam parameters, creating 5 typologies if alarms.

For each level of alarm, the dam monitoring system set different levels of risk for safety that involve specific reaction, like reduction of the level of the water in the lake and communication at the network of all dam control system.

When the level of safety risk increase, the monitoring system activate alarms for close some road or bridge for safety of traffic, and eventually send safety alert people living in some village.

All data are continuously sended from the dam monitoring system at the network dam control system were specialist engineers take decision about eventually emergency situations.

All dams monitoring software of all dams in the country are connected together, so it is possible increase the green energy production of a dam to reduce the safetyb risk, without lost energy.

Riolunato dam is monitored with AuCo Solutions industrial automation software for dams monitoring. Wikipedia: dam safety system


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