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Fire Protection and Fire Sprinklers System

Auco Solutions develop software and electronic systems for fire protection and fire sprinklers system.

Many applications of fire protection, in petrol chemical industry, petrol pump stations, petrol and gas treatment, refineries, energy production, gas turbine for electric power generation and vapor turbine.

Auco Solutions follow installation, testing and maintenance of the software and sensors and electronic control, created with PLC or custom hardware.

Auco Solutions have experience also with petrol chemical installation with more of 200 sensors for smoke, fire, gas using infrared, UV, laser and chemical technology.

Our fire protection installations are in closed space like office, electric equipment, control room, power distribution systems etc., and also open space like refineries, pumping stations for gas and oil pipelines, gas turbine, electric power station, etc.

HMI and SCADA industrial software automation for fire protection

The HMI and SCADA must show a very simple and complete layout of the plant.

The red color must be used only for alarm situation.

The user must be able to look the screen for less of one second and understand if there is an emergency and where is.

The HMI and SCADA windows must work ideally with only one page.

In this page the operator can click on any object to expand the graphic or activate a popup frame for see all information about the object.

The alarms must have four or five levels of gravity, with different sound and graphic representation.

This allow the user to understand immediately the gravity of situation.

It is very important that the control system don't send too much alarms, because this can become normal for the operator, that relax about the alarm and don't bring any action also when is needed.

To avoid this, must be simple deactivate temporarily some alarm, for example when come from a communication problem with a sensor, and somebody is working for repair.

The alarm database store and send all alarms, also if deactivated, and store the reference of the person that deactivate, acknowledge the alarm, and the reason because eventually was deactivated.

Safety protection and redundancy in fire protection control systems

Developing a fire protection system, it is necessarily having total control of each sensor and output signal.

A simple digital input is read not as a digital value but measured an analogical signal.

Mounting two resistances closed at the sensor contact it is possible check many situations about the contact and the connection with the sensor.

Typically, a resistance of 3.3 KOhm placed in parallel with the sensor contact, show as a value of 3.3 KOhm when the contact is open, and a very big value when the connection is lost.

A second resistance typically of 1.0KOhm placed in series with the contact, show as a value of 1.0KOhm when the contact is closed, and a value of few Ohms when somewhere there is a short circuit in the connection line.

With this simple strategy we can verify 4 situations with a simple 2 wire connection to an on/off contact, measuring the resistance on other side of connection line:

1) less of 20 Ohms: there is a short circuit on the connection line

2) about 750 Ohm: the contact is closed, and the connection line is ok (the resistance of 1 KOhm is in parallel with the resistance of 3 KOhm).

3) about 3 KOhm: the contact is open, and the connection line is ok.

4) more of 100 KOhm: the connection line is broken.

This is a simple example that show as every signal must be carefully checked in fire protection strategy.

Actually, many sensors and actuator use local bus (like CAN Bus, PROFIBUS, ETHERNET, PROFINET, etc.)

All this technology must be used with redundancy strategy: redundancy on the communication line and redundancy of the power supply line.

The more strategical sensors must be doubled for increase the safety, and for allow the fool protection and redundancy also with some sensor broken.


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