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Salini-Impregilo GERDP Ethiopia. 2000 Ton/hour. 3 Time World Record in 2014

Salini-Impregilo GERDP Ethiopia. 2000 Ton/hour. 3 Time World Record in 2014 ( ...)

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Crushing plant of aggregate production

Salini-Impregilo GERDP Ethiopia hydroelectric dam

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Project (GERDP) is a hydroelectric dam project of Salini-Impregilo, now WeBuild, located approximately 500 km north west of the capital Addis Ababa, in the region of Benishangul - Gumaz along the Blue Nile.

Salini-Impregilo Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Project (Ethiopia GERDP)

As supplier and employee and employed have developed and maintained many software for the production control of this project, with differentes kinds of cooperation with Salini-Impregilo, now WeBuild.

Our particular attention to the preventive maintenance and flexibility of the software, giving very importance at the motivation and strongness of our team of Salini-Impregilo employed, have given a important contribution at the good result of the project.

Control software of crushing plant of aggregate production

The crushing plant use only few kind of machine, like belt conveyor, mills, silos, continuos dosing systems, etc. The logic is simple, but the number of machines interacting together can be big.

With our solution the client must only configure the machines one by one and difine where each machine send the material.

Automatically the software define the sequence of start and stop properly, with this advantage:

- Very simple configuration also with complex structures of the crushing plant with more of 100 machines interacting together for aggregate production.
- Flexibility: the operator can start every machine in the crushing plant. The systeme automatically start before all the machines that receive the material, creating a correct sequence for aggregate production. The operator can stop every machine of the crushing plant. The systeme before stop all machines that are putting the material on the selected one to empty correctly all the involved machine in the aggregate production.

- Simultaneously of operation: it is possible start a part of the crushing plant and in the some time stop another section of the crushing plant.
- Safety: the crushing plant can be divided in differentes safty sections for make maintenance in one section without stop aggragate production of the others one.
- Redondance: in the crushing plant, each control panel with HMI software can control all the crushing plant, also with many PLC involved for the aggregate production. If one HMI of one section go off, it is possible bring the controlo from another one HMI.
- Scalable: many modification of the designe of crushing plant can be do from the operator with some click, without necessity to call a software developer, without stop the aggregate production.
- Frendly HMI: few pages for control all the crushing plant. Simpli click on each machine for configure, see alarm, information and for interact for start stop etc. with a fool control of the aggregate production.

The operator can start or stop any machine of the crushing plant.
The system creates automatically all sequences necessary for start all machines where the material is going,
or stop all machine from where come the material. Are possible simultaneously sequences of start and stop during the aggregate production.

The operator can also modify the logic of the behavior of the crushing plant with simple graphical actions on the HMI.


•    Siemens SIMATIC S7: programmable logic controller (PLC)

•    Siemens HMI SCADA software: Totally Integrated Automation TIA Portal

•    SIEMENS HMI SCADA Visualization - SIMATIC WinCC (TIA Portal)

•    Custom System AuCo Solutions


•    "Salini-Impregilo: GLOBAL PLAYER in large, complex infrastructure projects" (Ethiopia, Colombia)

•    Salini-Impregilo Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Project (Ethiopia GERDP)

•    MEM Crushing plant for aggregat production (Algeria, Ethiopia, Colombia)

•    Condotte Spa Societ� Italiana per condotte d'acqua ( (Algeria), 30%

•    Fassa Bortolo (Italy)

•    Sial Srl (Algeria, Ethiopia)

•    Elettro2000 (GruppoPedercini Italy) (Italia, Algeria)

•    WeBuild

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