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Electric motors test and automatic routine test certificate

The Auco Solutions automatic electric test system perform automatically all test on the electric equipment and produce automatically all documents of the test, like the routine test certificate.

Control software for automatic test of electric motors

The Auco Solutions automation software for electric motor test does all electricals tests up to four electric motors in the same time.

The automatic software, in few minutes performs all electrical test, like measure of resistance, electrical isolation, intensity of electric current, power, speed, acceleration, Cos fi, m Henry, etc.

The automatic electric test software performed also test with blocked rotation measuring all parameters and the temperature behavior.

Software for create automatically the routine test certificate

At the end of the test, the Auco Solutions software compile automatically all documents necessary for routine test certificate.

The routine test certificate is produced and printed in PDF in all languages required, typically the producer language and the client language.

The user can create a new kind of routine test certificate using Microsoft Word. In each place need a value measured during in the test, the user can write the code of the value. The Auco Solutions routine test certificate compile automatically all fields.


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