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Industrial Control Software: OVEN CONTROL

The software control all parameters and regulation of the oven
The HMI interface is very smart and the operator can learn all functions very quickly.
The number of pages is very small for more fast learning to use.
Many pop-up panel allow the operator to see and modify all parameters.

A pop-up panel is showed when you click on an object.
In this example there is the panel for a burner and the PID regulation of this burner.


The software run on normal PLC but is structured in object arrays.
Each kind of object is part of one array.

It is very simple configure the software up to 100 burners, also of many different types.

Each burner can control many parameters with separated PID: temperature of the oven, air pressure, air temperature, gas pressure, gas temperature, oxygen percent.
So, the software can work with more of 300 PID simultaneously.

The oven can be divided in many sections to have different temperature inside or a to have better regulation.

The number of sections can be modified also during the working time of the oven.

The operator can modify the quantity of each object.

In this window the number of temperature sections is doubled.

The operator can also modify the dimension of each section and select for each burner the thermic sensor to use.


Many automatic controls ensure the safety of all operation.

The operator can modify as work the oven, but a special function control the safety.

This function is auto protected, also the software developers can't modify if haven't the procedure to do this.

The software executes automatically a detailed procedure of start controlling continuously the safety parameters.

A very detailed alarm control system help the operator to understand exactly if there are some problem and what must do.

The system execute a very accurate start procedure
controlling step by step the there are all conditions for excute the next step.

Alarm control:

The alarms are grouped in some section. The system show the complete list of alarms, and the list of sections that have some alarm active.

For each section is possible see the detailed list.

For each alarm, there is a specific help with:
• the signals involved
• the references on the plant
• the references in the electrical draw
• the suggested actions.

Hight precision regulation:

At the normal PID of regulation, like Siemens, we have added the very high precision AUCO PID
Our PID predict the behavior of the regulated parameter.

With a very simple configuration it is possible have an high precision regulation.

We have tested the AUCO PID in the production of very specials irons, for aeronautical and special application, at Foroni (Italy)

The iron treatment mast control temperature from 300° Celsius to 1250° Celsius.
The AUCO PID ensure regulation error less of one degree.

Other particularity of this PID is that modify is behavior automatically in relation of the temperature.

This strategy allows to use some parameters with very different temperatures.

The normal PID like Siemens haven`t this function and can work properly only inside a small range of temperatures.

General control of the oven:

Interaction with single objects:

Popup control panel for each electric motor:

• control of the motor,
• the conditions to run,
• the elctronic control,
• alarms.


•    AUCO PID: hight precision regulation logich (Auco Solutions)

•    Siemens SIMATIC S7: programmable logic controller (PLC)

•    Siemens HMI SCADA software: Totally Integrated Automation TIA Portal


•    Foroni S.p.A. (Varese Italy) is a fully integrated manufacturer of Nickel based and Specialty alloys in a wide range of chemistries for a variety of industrial applications.

•    "Stainless steel production, from melting to distribution (Vicenza-Italy)"

•    Verona Steel (Pittini Group) (Verona Italy)

•    "Plant solutions and equipments for steel industry (Italy, Tunisia) "

•    Osalmec (Brescia-Italy)

•    Vyksa Steel Works (OMK Group) (Vyksa Russia)

•    "Marcegaglia: the leading industrial group worldwide in the steel processing sector, with a turnover of more than 5 billion euro (2017) (Italy)"

•    F.lli Vedani (Italy)

•    Bendotti: Prefabrication to walking beam furnaces (Italy)

•    Tenaris is supplier of tubes and related services for the world�s energy industry

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