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The Italian High-Speed train PENDOLINO change position like a motor cycle.

The Italian High-Speed train PENDOLINO change position like a motor cycle. ( ...)

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Automotive high-Speed train: test of electronic equipment

Auco solutions have developed great experience in electronic programmable test for electroni and mechanical equipment, specially for automotive high-speed train electronic control cards
The Italian High-Speed train have name Pendolino because change position like a motor cycle.
This solution increase of 50% the limit speed on tour and is a revolution in automotive high-speed train technology.

The electronic equipment that control this movement is very complex and use about 60 different electronic train cards with microcontroller.

The system brings the control of the high-speed train engine power, lateral movement of the train, vibration of any car, vertical angle of the train for optimize the asset of high-speed train on the rail.
The high-speed train cards are connected at one double CAN Bus network that ensure a very high performance and redundancy.

The time to react at any event is less of 10mS.

Auco Solutions have work with Alstom automotive engineering to develop this equipment that test automatically all the electronic cards installed on each high-speed train.
The solution verifies the correct response of each train card in any situation, at any working temperature condition.

The testing system use National Instruments Cards and Lab VIEW Software.
The Auco Solutions test equipment can be used in many kind of test, spacially in automotive industries.

Beta testing and export release: 6 month for fool developing, beta testing, project and test of 60 complete high-speed trains and project and testing final release for export.

Automotive test equipment software developed in LabVIEW

LabVIEW of National Instruments allow very fast control of every signal and sophisticated mathematical function reading more of one million of analog signals for each second.

The Auco Solutions equipment creates all signals for simulate the real working condition of the high-speed train equipment.
Auco Solutions automotive test equipment create logic and analog signal, simulation of temperatures over thermocouple sensor, etc.

Auco Solutions have created hardware strategy to simulate any resistance from 0.1 Ohm to 10MOhm with a precision better of 1%.
The system creates the required resistance and auto calibrate himself for compensate any error and the resistance of all connections.

All signals are calculated and applied more of 100 time or each second, reading continuously the reaction of all cards under test and calculating if any reaction is inside the required values, following the real time automotive requirment.

During the test the equipment are stressed changing the temperature from -25 Celsius to 50 Celsius following a time/temperature graphic setting.

The Auco Solutions automotive test equipment can test up to 24 high-speed train cards simultaneously, with a sequence of many different test.
The Auco Solutions automotive test equipment is very flexible and can test any kind of card changing only the connection probe to the high-speed train cards.

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