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AuCo Solutions: process automation software for PLC HMI SCADA

Software automation need a big experience and the capacity to develop well-structured software.
The software is the key of a good industrial control and process automation.
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PLC Programmable Logic Controller software

Many PLC developer write the software like draw electric schema. This is a good solution only for very simple situation, but big system and complex problems in process automation need object-oriented development.

Without an object oriented software development the software become day by day more complex and before to end a big work, the developer loss the control of the software and the capacity to remember and understand the behavior of the software.


Object oriented programming in PLC controller, computer, SCADA and HMI

AuCo Solutions process automation use array of objects that are configurable one by one or selecting a group of objects. Each object can have different characteristics and behavior.

Each kind of object have a special control function to interact with the object and control the behavior of the object.

Object oriented programming allow us to create an application with less of 10 functions, and hundred and hundred objects. For example, Auco Solutions have realized the software automation control of an industrial oven with 90 burners (Marcegaglia, Italy). Exist only one function that control the burner with a PID for the temperature, one PID for gas control, one PID for Air control, one cross reference control for the oxygen that control also the safety conditions. This function interacts with the 90 burner calling one by one from the array of objects. Few others function control the pressure of the air, the temperature of the smoke, some other temperature, the door of the own etc. The same software can control the oven with four burners or the oven with hundred burners with very simple modification.

Auco Solutions process automation software use arrays of objects and array of functions. Each element of the array can have his structure and interact with a different kind of object.

The structure of the software is so flexible that many functions can be the same in different application, like oven, crashing plant, logistic, etc.

The same object-oriented programming structure is used in PLC controller application, HMI, SCADA and PC software making everything simple, transportable and offering at the user many possibilities to configure and modify the system.

The developping of HMI and SCADA is very much more simple using array of object. Normally is enought create one popup for each kind of object, in place wirte all istance of the objects really present.

Using standard HMI and SCADA like WinCC, Cimplicity, InTouch, this strategy make more fast the data exchange bitween SCADA and PLC, using very much less number of data to exchange.

Industrial control and process automation: languages, SCADA and HMI

Auco Solutions industrial control and process automation technology start many years ago with assembler, Forth etc. Now Auco Solutions use all kind of PLC language, like ladder, SCL. On computer we use languages like Visual Studio, Visual Basic, LabVIEW, Java, Java Script and more.

The human machine interface HMI and SCADA software solutions are developed from AuCo Solutions using Visual Studio, Java, HTML, Node, and graphic solutions. AuCo Solutions automation use also standard SCADA software and HMI tools like Siemens WinCC, Wonderware InTouch, GE General Electric Cimplicity and many others.

Industry sectors

Auco Solution experience in industrial control and process automation technology is about many fields: petrol chemical, process automation solutions, logistic, chemical, food and beverage, plastic and rubber industry, iron industry, aluminum industry, transport, automotive, electronic test, mechanical test, quality control, assembling machines, robotic automation.

Team strategy

In every situation it is very important create a strong motived team.

The team strategy must involve each worker in the work goal. The common work must become very strong in the mind and hearth of everybody. React the goal must be a big satisfaction for everybody, making each one proud to have given an important contribution to achieving the common goal.

The leader must have the capacity to understand the skill of all workers to use each one at the best in the group and must understand what need each worker.

When the work is strong and need energy and commitment is essential to understand the necessity of everybody. Some time is more important a small thing like one break for call family in the right moment, that more money or other incentives.

This exchange of energy between leaders and workers make strong the team and is a very good team strategy.

Sometime the leader meets the worker on place and have a very short time to understand the group and create the team energy.

But the team strategy is the key of a work success, and the ability to create a strong team feeling make possible everything.

For this that we can say:

For every automation problem that seems impossible, we can offer you the best solution.

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